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Oct 22, 2022

Another #NightofTheLivyDead episode and this time it's a look at the Greek Underworld. What was the journey there like? What happened in it and what's with singing amphibians?

From Odysseus to Orpheus and a question to consider on hangovers. There's lots covered so get listening (and leave a review if you can). Check...

Oct 16, 2022

There are two main stories concerning werewolves in Greece and Rome and in this minisode I briefly cover them. What went on on Mount Lykaion exactly and how did the werewolf differ from our modern interpretation.

Thanks for taking the time to liste, if you can review please do or just pop over to for...

Oct 2, 2022

In this minisode I talk about two disasters which befell a Greek and Roman army due to something you can put on your toast. How did it happen and why?

I also cover a nasty way to speed up a siege and a why there's no such thing as a free camp. Find me at

Music by Brakhage (Le Vrai Instrumental).

Sep 12, 2022

In this episode I'm joined by a guest expert Dr Carla Ionescu to discuss the goddess Artemis. There's so much about Artemis which is often left in the background so here we look into the aspects and associations of her you may not have heard of. From bloody rituals to a cake based rescue she's a fascinating...

Aug 19, 2022

In this minisode I unwrap the sequence of events which befell Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted. Modern studies and archaeology has enabled a narrative to be built of how the eruption played out. I also briefly cover a couple of controversies and myths of Pompeii.

Given the situation there is reference to death...