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Ancient History Hound

Hi there, this is the Ancient History Hound, a podcast where I look at ancient Greece and Rome and some of the less covered aspects of them. If you love ancient history, tangents and the odd pun then I reckon you'll enjoy it here.

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Sep 17, 2017

In this podcast I look at some of the animals people kept as pets. Do you know how to catch a monkey with a pair of trousers or which pet needed to be kept from the drinks cabinet?

music by Brakhage (Le Vrai Instrumental)


Sep 7, 2017

Assuming you've listened to Part One you'll be itching to know what happened during the eruption and I break down the events of the two days in AD79.

What was the cause of most of the initial deaths and how did the carnage occur exactly? It can get quite graphic as I build up a picture of what it must have been like.

Sep 7, 2017

Pompeii is generally known for one thing, a rather unpleasant thing which ended Pompeii. But what about Pompeii before AD79?

Is the AD79 date even correct and how difficult is to form a picture form what remains. Oh, and what was the place even like?

Well, I'll unwrap the above and hopefully lead us enriched...

Sep 7, 2017

Desperately trying to jump on the recent filmic bandwagon I delve into the history of Wonder Woman and her connection to Greek myth. In addition there's how the amazon myth came to be and an overview of some of the female warriors from ancient history.


Sep 7, 2017

Ever wondered why or how war elephants ended up being used in the Mediterannean? Probably not, but in this podcast I trace their origins, how they were used and other elephant facts.